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Laboratory for Theoretical Astronomy & Astrophysics (Ta-Lab)

What's New
2016.03.25 M2 Keisuke Sugiura awarded "2015 Dean Prize"
B4 Ryosuke Tominaga awarded Nagoya University President Prize
2016. 2.23 Dr. Masanobu Kunitomo awarded Seiichi Tejima Doctoral Dissertation Award
2016. 1.28 Prof. Inutsuka awarded the Inoue Prize for Science, 2015
2015.10.15 Yuki Tanaka (D3 Student) awarded Student Research Award in Annual Meeting of Planetary Science
2015.10.7 "Warm disks from Giant Impacts" done by the research group of Hiroshi Kobayashi is introduced as a research highlight from the journals of AAS [AASNOVA]
2015.06.15 International Workshop "Protoplanetary Disk Dynamics and Planet Formation" Registration Open
2015.06.12 Anniversary Festival for the Charter of Physics Department: Ekiden (Road Relay Race) No.1, Softball No.1, Futsal No.2!
2015.03.27 Dr. Takeru Suzuki awarded the Japan Union Geoscience "Nishida Prize 2014"!
2014.12.18 Solar Wind Acceleration Mechanism probed by Japanese Space Explorer "AKATSUKI"
2014.11.05 Many dusty rings discovered around a young star (HL Tau) by ALMA
2014.07.03 Press Release: Dynamical Star-Forming Gas Interaction Witnessed by ALMA [AstroArts]
2014.04.15 Dr. Hiroyuki Kurokawa et al. Evolution of water reservoirs on Mars: Constraints from hydrogen isotopes in martian meteorites Nagoya University (Japanese) [Tokyo Tech(Japanese)] [Media News (Japanese)]
2014.03.28 Dr. Hiroyuki Kurokawa interviewed by Inside Science about his new paper on "History of Mars Surface Water"
2014.01.20 Call for A New Assistant Professor of the Ta-Lab Hiroshi Kobayashi assigned (2014.08.01)
2013.11.06 Dr. Masahiro Ogihara et al. on the lack of companion planets in hot jupiter systems - Crowding-Out Mechanism - Press Release from Nagoya University and CfCA in NAO Japan
2013.10.07 Yuki Tanaka awarded Best Interdisciplinary Presentation at the 2013 LGS Young Researchers' Retreat
2013.08.08 Dr. Satoko Sorahana awarded the President's Prize at the Nagoya University Science Forum for Young Women Researchers
2013.04.30 Dr. Hiroshi Kobayashi interviewed by SPACE.com about his new paper on "Mars formation"
2013.03.25 Yuki Tanaka awarded the "2012 Dean Prize"
2012.11.18 Sanemichi Takahashi (D1) awarded best oral presentation at The 5th GCOE Retreat Meeting
2012.11.14 Dr. Satoshi Okuzumi (JSPS-SPD) appointed as a new faculty member in Prof. Ida's group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
2012.11.02-04 "Seminar Camp" @ Nakatsugawa, Gifu
2012.08.05-07 The 21st Public Seminar "Frontier of Astronomy"
2012.03.27 Yuri I. Fujii awarded the "2011 Dean Prize"
2011.10.23 Dr. Hiroshi Kobayashi named "Best Scientist of 2010" by The Japanese Society for Planetary Science
2011.08.03-07 Ishigaki International Workshop "Formation of Stars & Planets 2011" (FSP2011)
2011.06.13 Physics Department Festival
2011.05.12 Moved to the brand new "ES Building"
2011.03.18 Prof. Takeru Ken Suzuki named "Best Young Scientist" by the Astronomical Society of Japan
2011.02.18 Yuri I. Fujii awarded "Best Oral Talk" at the East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2011 held in Jeju, Korea
2010.02.28-03.02 GCOE International Workshop "Multi-Phase Interstellar Medium and Dynamics of Star Formation"
2009.04.01 Ta-Lab founded


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Laboratory for Theoretical Astronomy & Astrophysics (Ta-Lab)
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